Mobiscribe 1st Gen

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Mobiscribe Manufactuered by Netronix

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This listing is for a Mobiscribe digital note taking device. We used this device to film an unboxing and review video for our Youtube Channel. It also was used to take pictures for our hands on written review. It is in excellent condition and comes with all of the original accessories and retail packaging.

1. Notepad:
Mimics the experience of real paper, including surface friction when writing.
Reduce waste & save trees.
2. eReader:
Put an entire library in your hand. The document viewer supports: .mobi, .epub, and .pdf file formats.
3. Folder Management
Never lose another note.
Save notes and keep them organized with the folder management system.
4. Calendar:
Never miss or be late to another meeting. Annotate, schedule events, and set reminders.
Lightweight. Responsive. Superior Control.
With 4096-level pressure sensitivity, the MobiScribe Stylus pen is designed to deliver a true pen-to-paper experience. No charging is required so you can immediately begin converting your imagination into words and images at any time.
1 Pen, 270 Strokes
4096 Levels of Pressure-Sensitivity, Battery-free, Write Freely!
Why are MobiScribe’s brush strokes so true-to-life?
Because there are 3 types of pens to choose from, 15 levels of line thickness, 6 different shades of gray, and 4096 degrees of pressure-sensitivity (nearly one million variations of each single point is possible).
“I received mine today and am totally in love with it. The packaging is very well done, the device itself looks really sleek and the writing experience really blew my mind.”
Anna Henseleit
Electronic ink (E Ink) has the advantage of ultra-low power consumption. Power is only consumed when the displayed image changes, and not when the displayed image is static. Because of this, response times can be slow and it is not suited for playing dynamic pictures such as animation and movies. (2020 May, Wikipedia)
E Ink Features
1. Easy on the Eyes
The electronic paper display (EPD) uses the latest E Ink technology and provides high definition and optimum contrast.
2. Anti-Glare
Prevents glare, reflects light like real paper, read for hours without eye strain.
3. Low-Power Consumption
Rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides up to 1 week of use or 4 weeks of standby time on a full charge.
4. Lightweight & Practical
Light, thin, and reusable, designed for active lifestyles and is made to go anywhere you go.
Dozens of pre-designed document templates are at your disposal.
The MobiScribe is pre-installed with various styles of document templates. You can also create your own and set it as the background.
“Although I bought it for myself, my kids love it and it has been in their hands more than mine. The are actually being creative so it’s worth every penny for that if nothing else.”
Tom Johnstone
Extremely Light
Lugging books around is a pain.
MOBISCRIBE weighs only half a pound, It can be stored in a bookcase, and contain data of 2200 books. If an expansion memory card is added, it can contain tens of thousands of books.
“Just wanted to say that I received mine today, and that writing on it feels fantastic. No lag. My handwriting translates well and it was quite easy to get a feel for how the pressure sensitivity works”
Casey Chapman
“This is designed to be a note taking device. And if that’s what you want it to do it’s amazing. I have loaded epub books into it as well. If you want a tablet, it’s not your solution, nor is it designed to be. I’ve been using for three months now and am very pleased with the performance.”
Troy V.


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